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Legal editorial documentation
(registry of books and ISBN)

The publication of a book requires a series of legal processes that must be undertaken to protect the intellectual property of the creation and to give the product a legal identity for its distribution and sale.

The most common legal editorial documentation before the publication of the book are its register and the obtaining of the International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

Grupo Editorial del Caribe

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Editorial services

Grupo Editorial del Caribe

Proofreading is the service that involves the correction of any and all spelling, typographical or grammatical mistakes, unifying the layout of the text and defining a style guide.

Grupo Editorial del Caribe
Style Editing

This is the combination of corrections in philology, spelling and typography. With these three corrections it is possible to control the quality of the text. In the style correction, the revision, cleaning and perfecting process of the text is brought to a close.

Grupo Editorial del Caribe
Editorial Review:

We perform an evaluation of the proposed originals to determine their editorial suitability. With it, information is gathered, along with technical and financial elements required to establish the publication of a book.

Grupo Editorial del Caribe
Editorial Design

Editorial design is under the umbrella of graphic design and the design of the layout and composition of various publications, such as books and magazines, and so on.

Grupo Editorial del Caribe
Editorial Consulting

We help our clients so that the final product meets the professional standards in terms of editing, design and printing, with a view to taking full advantage of the total budget invested in the publication.

Grupo Editorial del Caribe

One of the main purposes of illustration is to create images with a view to communicate, express, interpret or decorate a text, concept or process, it could have a literary bent, or a commercial one and it is done through different techniques according to the needs of the project.

Grupo Editorial del Caribe
Translation: Literary and technical

We live in a globalized world where our daily life is interspersed with many cultures and languages. Today there is a great opportunity to reach a lot of varied audiences, scattered throughout the globe, thereby increasing the potential of our messages.