Grupo Editorial Del Caribe


Grupo Editorial del Caribe
Editorial Services

Professional editing is an art form, be it for literature, marketing or academia, it involves different work, methodologies and a team made up of specialists from different disciplines. The whole process is focused on enriching both the content and layout so that they are able to express a written message that is structured correctly.

Grupo Editorial del Caribe
Digital Marketing

With the goal of promoting brands and their products, we develop publicity and sales strategies, which we execute via various methods on the internet such as websites, business blogs, search engine positioning, social media management, online publicity, email marketing to name just some.

Grupo Editorial del Caribe
Website and App development

We develop and design websites so they are easy to use, adjusting the visibility and functionality of the page’s purpose and specific needs of each brand. Focusing mainly on the aesthetic and user experience, the design and website development are essential for any effective website.