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Marketing Digital

With the goal of promoting brands and their products, we develop publicity and sales strategies, which we execute via various methods on the internet such as websites, business blogs, search engine positioning, social media management, online publicity, email marketing to name just some.

Through digital marketing we can broaden the visibility of our clients on the horizonless world of the internet, managing the positioning and recognition of their products through pull strategies, customer acquisition and loyalty, all with the goal of significantly increasing sales and the online prestige of the businesses, by taking advantage of the great marketplace of the digital world.

Grupo Editorial del Caribe

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Marketing Digital Services

Grupo Editorial del Caribe
Graphic Design

Currently, graphic design is a fundamental part of publicity, given that it’s a tool that helps you communicate, through images, the value of a product or service.

Grupo Editorial del Caribe

All brands and businesses need a visual identity that lets the public recognize and remember them. The correct and precise building of a brand will really help a brand differentiate itself in the market and also allow

Grupo Editorial del Caribe
Content Creation

Content creation has its foundations in investigation and mental ability to broadcast a message from the segmented client to its target market, with which professionally-written

Grupo Editorial del Caribe
Digital content

We create content based on themes and style that meets the digital marketing ambitions of our clients, while also considering the fundamental need for SEO positioning,

Grupo Editorial del Caribe
Social media management

We professionally manage social media network profiles so as to increase online presence and client conversion numbers, based on personalized strategies of well-defined goals and targets.

Grupo Editorial del Caribe
SEO Positioning

The position of websites has one purpose — to increase the number of qualified visitors to a page so that they can purchase products and simultaneously enhance the reputation of the business’ website.