Grupo Editorial del Caribe

Grupo Editorial del Caribe

We are specialists in personalized app development and augmented reality (AR) experiences, created according to the needs of each client’s project.


Augmented Realities

We all have a lot to say: ideas, stories, emotions. Our reality is made up of projects, words and moments that transcend the time in which they were created. That’s how we define ourselves as human beings and we build our world day-by-day.

Not everything is art in our world, there’s business and finances, but in them there’s also dreams, projects and goals to be reached.

People who set goals for themselves and blaze trails in order to achieve their dreams. Maybe it’s something they wanted since they were little, or a family business, or due to a spark of creativity that explodes in the middle of a sleepless night.

Our Services

Grupo Editorial del Caribe
Editorial Services

Professional editing is an art form, be it for literature, marketing or academia, it involves different work, methodologies and a team made up of specialists from different disciplines.

Grupo Editorial del Caribe
Marketing Digital

With the goal of promoting brands and their products, we develop publicity and sales strategies, which we execute via various methods on the internet such as websites, business blogs, search engine positioning, social media management, online publicity, email marketing to name just some.

Grupo Editorial del Caribe
Web & App Development

We develop and design websites that are easy to use; adjusting the visibility and functionality of the page’s purpose and specific needs of each brand.

Our Apps

We develop apps that are made up of several interdisciplinary fields, including software development, content creation, graphic design and multimedia production. All of these areas are brought together with the goal of creating mobile applications with AR that highlights brands and their products.

The huge amount of people who have access to a smart phone and are able to download mobile apps, is a potential market for small, medium and large business, who through these apps can take advantage of the benefits of information technology. Where the combination of innovation, creativity and interaction work together to capture a greater chunk of the consumer’s attention.

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Notes from the Café

Notes from the Café by Leticia Santiago is a narrative fiction book, comprised of 25 short stories in which a narrator gives a voice to nine women. The novel focuses on the topic of gender violence, addressed softly and gently from a human perspective.

With this in mind, each note is linked to a famous work from universal literature, with the goal of helping more women, men and young people to find the strength to heal and understand this problematic issue through Literature. On an international level, the author aims to raise awareness of this incredibly important social issue.

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