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Augmented reality apps

Mobile applications offer us great possibilities to create and enjoy more complete, sophisticated and interactive augmented reality experiences. AR technology through a mobile app allows us to use and combine different versions of this technology. Also, the same AR mobile application can include several additional functions.

The main techniques of augmented reality in a mobile application are the recognition of markers (images that activate AR content when focused by the app's scanner) and the recognition of environments and surfaces.

Let's develop your own custom AR App together or customize one of our marketed applications.

Grupo Editorial del Caribe

Augmented reality experiences

AR is a technology that consists of combining different elements and real scenery together with all kinds of multimedia resources, be they video, audio, animated illustrations and 3D models or texts and infographics.

We create specific applications for each project and client, dreamed up specially to allow the creators and their audience to make use of a new communication methods, while also creating a direct link between them.

Aside from using this technology in our editorial and advertising projects or events, we also use it to come up with new immersive experiences to enjoy art, in both the small (canvases), medium, or on a larger scale (murals).

AR from marker recognition

Markers are images that contain augmented reality, they activate multimedia content when viewed from the scanner of a mobile application. This type of AR is a perfect tool to integrate audiovisual resources and calls to action in publications or printed materials.

Grupo Editorial del Caribe

Grupo Editorial del Caribe

AR from surface recognition

The app's viewer detects horizontal or vertical surfaces in the real environment so that the user can place certain 3D objects on them. Also you can also interact with these virtual objects by doing:

- Moving them around
- Rotating them on themselves
- Scaling its size
- Accessing calls to action through buttons
- Playing additional resources like audio or video
- Capturing the AR Experience with an screenshot or a video for share to your contacts

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