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Living Books ™

Books like before for now

Living Books © are printed publications whose pages work together with augmented reality. Through this technology the user sees his phone or tablet to become a window into a new world where virtual stories are created with 3D features, animations, audio and other audio-visual resources that complement and enhance the content on the page.

To enjoy the Living Books®, all you need to do is download a free app, available for iOS and Android , and scan the images that feature the AR symbol.

Our mission statement

Greca has an editorial goal: to give new value to books, allowing the traditional printing and, technology of information and communication to not only happily coexist, but to thrive, creating brand new ways to send and receive a message.

We see books as the most valuable tool to express and legitimize information. That’s why we are reinventing the book and giving it the power to update itself and share interactive audio-visual content with our smartphones and tablets.

Under concept Living Books® and the motto “Books like before for now”, GRECA creates a different multimedia product, where printed material and mobile devices become allies rather than opponents.

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